Recording day 1


lectictinium said: (cont.) Also, I must say, I was so, so happy that you included a trans character and a poly relationship in HNOC and it was just treated so normally and naturally, as it should be. It's so rare to have any sort of LGBT+ and non-monogamous representation, so thank you!

It is normal and natural, we’d feel weird treating it any other way…


lectictinium said: I was at the gig last night (agog at the front) and I am compelled to tell you that I thought you were absolutely 1000% amazing and I cannot believe I had never heard your music before! It's excellent. I had hoped to buy some merchandise there and then but being shy I didn't manage to ask you about it before you all left. But I will certainly be buying Ulysses Dies at Dawn and High Noon Over Camelot on bandcamp (unless there's a method where you can get even more of the profit directly)! (tbc)

Thank you!


darael said: Hey. As co-mod of MicroMechsFic, I was wondering if you would be OK with our using the Mechs logo with a photoshopped flower crown as our blog avatar? Or we can try to come up with something else.

Sure, go for it.



Final show! Goodbye Edinburgh.

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